Holiday Collectible – Aline Smithson


In our Santa Barbara gallery right now is Aline Smithson’s gorgeous exhibition, Portrait as Autobiography.

This exhibition is part of the celebration of a long overdue mid career retrospective and new monograph called Self & Others: Portrait as Autobiography. Published by the Magenta Foundation, Self & Others is a beautiful collection of images spanning a twenty year career.

Self & Others: Portrait as Autobiography

Book published by the fabulous Magenta Foundation

From the Magenta Foundation – Beginning with her early forays into black and white work, produced as darkroom silver gelatin prints, she photographed the world around her considering the poignancy of childhood and the pathos of aging and relationships. The book continues with her hand painted photographs featuring her defining series, Arrangement in Green and Black: Portrait of the Photographer’s Mother, where she combines humor and family to create a universal expression of motherhood. The book is completed by her color projects that revisit beauty, the essence of childhood, and an examination of created realities. Aline brings a background in painting and fashion to her images, but at the heart of her work is her ability to recognize the inner self of her subjects.

It is Aline’s ability to connect with and expose the luminosity of her subjects that makes her newest works, Revisiting Beauty so compelling. The vibrant color, the elegant and powerful strength of the women in front of Aline’s lens is pure beauty.


Lexie Turned



                         Mae Turned


Smithson_ Lucy in Turquoise

Lucy in Turquoise



                          Ripley Turned

Prints from Revisiting Beauty are available in two sizes and editions.

16×16 inch image  – Edition of 15 $1,500
24×24 inch image  – Edition of 10 $2,500

Aline’s monograph Self & Others is available in the gallery and online for purchase on Square. The Special Edition features a soft-touch cover book, inside of a high-gloss, foil stamped drawer box with a pull-tab. A Collector’s Special Edition with print of Cleo with Mirror is also available, please contact the gallery for more information.

To review a portfolio of prints, inquire about any of Aline Smithson‘s works, or for more information about her monograph, Self & Others, please contact the gallery.

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