Holiday Collectible. Give the gift of Art.

Welcome to the holidays!


Over the next seventeen days, we stress, worry, fuss and make decisions about what to gift our friends and loved ones for the holidays. Be it Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or Festivus we are all looking for that perfect something to show our people how much we care about them.

Smithson_ Lucy in Turquoise

Aline SmithsonLucy in Turquoise

Speaking for myself, I look to give gifts that not only reflect my relationship with the person I am giving the gift to, but also the idea of something they wouldn’t get for themselves. Art fits that idea for me. The ability to lift someones spirits, to give the gift of beauty, to inspire conversation, and to grow everyday is what art does for me, and I hope inspires you to feel that way too.


RyuijieCIF 86


Over the next two weeks, I will be highlighting gallery artists who have something special and unique to give.  If you see something you can’t live without, give the gallery a call, email or drop on by. We can assist you in finding that perfect inspiration.


Mitch DobrownerStorm Approaching Silo


Happy Merry and all the best this holiday season!


Bananas (c) John Chervinsky

John ChervinskyBananas in Bowl with Painting on Door


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