Mitch Dobrowner – New Releases – Storms


The gallery is thrilled to announce new work by Mitch Dobrowner.


Strata Storm and Bales



Storm Approaching Silo


Twice a year, we release the newest works by our talented gallery artist, Mitch Dobrowner. This fall we release seven new prints looking up to the skies. These images showcase the power, strength and volatility of the meteorological wonderland that hangs above us.




“I experience storms as living beings, organic things, both rational and unpredictable in the way they look, how they move, grow and die. Every storm is different; each has a unique character. My job is to capture a ‘portrait’ of each storm I encounter, an image that does each one justice as if the storm was a person.” Mitch Dobrowner, from his book Storms.


Vortex Over Field

For more information about these images, or to see a full portfolio of works from Mitch Dobrowner, please contact the gallery.


Sister Storms and Lightning

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