Holiday Collectible – Jennifer Greenburg


Sadie Cohen was very upset that I got to model in the Hadassah fashion show. She didn’t speak to me for weeks! 2015

Revising History is clever, creative and lets us all explore a life we have not lived, but always wanted to. Looking at vernacular or found object photographs, the anonymity of the subjects all lead us to fantasize and create lives we wish we could live. Jennifer Greenburg takes this idea this to a whole new level, creating a life and time for herself filled with irony, humor and uncommon existence.

In appropriating imagery, crafting new memories, Jennifer Greenburg can begin to live a life we can only dream of. Building a contemporary story based in a vintage world, Jennifer spans time, telling stories that are not real but manufactured, telling stories we all want to believe. We become willing participants in Jennifer’s theatre.


I was not the thinnest, nor the prettiest, but I was the winner!

Jennifer Greenburg’s images have been collected by the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Museum of Photographic Arts, Museum of Contemporary Photography and numerous private collections. We will feature the prints at Classic Photographs Los Angeles January 29-31st, 2016


I have never been good at handling unwarranted attention, 2015

About Revising History –

Revising History is a study on photography, the nature of the vernacular image, and its role in creating cultural allegories. The work intends to create a dialogue about the photograph as simulacrum- the moment versus the referent. To engage these layered truths I replace the central figure in found mid-century (1940’s –1960’s) vernacular photographs with an image of myself. In doing so I effectively hijack the memory and create a “counterfeit” image. Most do not stop to think about the ubiquitous nature of the camera or the impact of pictures, but snapshots now intervene in almost every aspect of life – the pinnacle and the banal. The danger in this is we seem to have forgotten that the picture liberates the moment from reality, erases vantage, and is inevitable susceptible to co-opted or underwritten fantasy.


It was Finally My Day!

Prints from Revising History are available in an edition of 5 print sized at 24×30. Prices start at $2,400. Please contact the gallery for more information.


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