Beautiful My Desire – Brian Gliniak


About Illumination –

The inspiration for the Illumination series was drawn from my desire to capture both the physical presence of light and its ability to dramatically illuminate a subject. These images were captured in my house during the course of a year as sunlight entered through various windows. I captured all of the images on film using a simple plastic camera known as a Holga. Pictures taken with a Holga have a look all their own with softly focused subjects and dramatic vignetting.

Mother's Bed

In the darkroom I print using a lith developer to achieve photographs characterized by warm tones and dramatic highlights. Lith printing is a variation on traditional silver printing that uses a very dilute lith developer to control both tone and contrast. Lith printing is known to be highly variable and each lith print is unique. By using a combination of Holga image capture and lith printing, the resulting photographs achieve a timeless and nostalgic quality.


About Brian Gliniak –

Brian is a trained scientist who worked in the biotech field for 20 years after receiving a Ph. D. in Biochemistry. Several years ago, he retired from the laboratory and rededicated himself to his life-long passion for photography. Not satisfied with manipulating digital images on the computer, he abandoned his digital camera and fully embraced the world of film-based photography.  The darkroom has become his new laboratory and he greatly enjoys experimenting with different photographic papers, developers, and toners. Brian’s work has been exhibited nationally at the Rayko Gallery in San Francisco, the Soho Gallery in NYC, the Lightbox Photographic Gallery in Astoria (OR), the Blackbox Gallery in Portland (OR), and the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle. He currently lives in Seattle, WA with his wife and two daughters.


images shown – top to bottom. Daylight, Mother’s Bed, Window Light, Illumination,

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