ND12 – Bryan David Griffith

I had the pleasure of meeting Bryan David Griffith, today’s highlighted Crossing Territories artist, at a portfolio review in New Orleans way back in 2010. His palladium images are beautiful, soft and romantic. Bryan’s images come from his series A Big World Wandering, images he invites us as viewers to step into, slow down and take a deep breath, finding beauty in everything around us.

Bryan’s images are all created in-camera. Using home made lenses on medium and large format cameras, the evocative soft focus, the open space, the details all bring up our own stories. We inhabit the spaces Bryan creates. The Palladium process only adds to the depth and interest of the images.

From Bryan’s statement –

My photographs are metaphors for my experience of being human in such a world.  My work is about following your heart and finding your way, despite a nagging angst. It’s about accepting ambiguity, climbing past your own insignificance, and finding wonder on the other side. These photographs aren’t literal documents, but visions, constantly reinterpreted with experience—mirrors that conjure up what you hold deep down inside. The small, anonymous figures in my work are you and I, contemplating those choices that, looking back, define our lives.

Take a look.


Going Up

Navigating the Forest

Jumping Through


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