Seattle – wall space @ Utina



22 October – 31 December, 2015


Thursday October 22nd, 2015

Artist Talk  – 5pm

with Reception to follow until 8pm.

Wall space gallery is thrilled to be back in Seattle, showcasing gallery artist Bootsy Holler and her ten-year journey to examine an intangible family history. A story of a time and place, filled with the secrets they hold. This complex web of truths and half-truths we weave is at the heart of this narrative, filled with ideas of who we are and how we fit within the confines of our own lineage.

Join us for a special event at Utina Wardroom in South Lake Union on Thursday October 22nd. At 5pm Bootsy will be giving an artist talk about her Nuclear Family series, and a reception to follow.

12_Mt Rainier 1946

At the heart of this story in four parts is Bootsy’s desire to coalesce a sense of family, to forge relationships with distant family members, understand family secrets, and to expose the land where the family laid roots, and held private the deep secrets of the family lore.

Each chapter of this story has a unique perspective and approach to family. Ruby & Willie is a documentary vision of the objects we hold dear to keep our connection to those who have left us behind. Visitor connects past into present through re-imagined family photographs. Declassified is a topographic examination of Hanford a secret landscape and its hold on the family.The photographs in Treasures are a beautiful small box of 44 objects links us to home and the memories and keepsakes we grow up with that connect us to the place and the relationship we had to our surroundings.


Declassified – Vernita Bridge

Ann Pallesen

A Walk in the Park

21 August – 23 November, 2014


Yellowstone National Park

Join us at wall space @ Utina for Seattle artist and curator Ann Pallesen’s Walk in the Park.

Reminiscent of Carleton Watkins or Timothy O’Sullivan, these beautiful and romantic visions of our National and State Parks are on the walls, celebrating the beauty of the landscape. These lovely prints are created traditionally in the darkroom, using a Lith process to evoke that timeless sense of natural wonder.

joshua tree_cholla cactua garden_Ann Pallesen

Joshua Tree National Park – Cholla Cactus Garden

Thursday August 21st from 5.30 – 7.30pm

Seattle’s Utina Wardroom

Meet Ann and see these engaging photographs.

mount rainer natl park_Ann Pallesen_Ann Pallesen

Mount Rainier National Park


wall space gallery has been collaborating with City Catering Company since 2007, providing fine art photography for the esteemed caterer and their clients.
For more information about City Catering Company log onto their website.
509 Dexter Ave North
Seattle, Washington 98109





3 Lemons

Three Lemons

Opening Wednesday 14 May, 2014

Tim Brill

wall space @ Utina is thrilled to exhibit the work of Portland based artist Tim Brill. The graphic and elegant still life compositions are on the walls of City Catering Company until 30 June, 2014.



About Still / Life

Having artistic aspirations and not being able to draw a straight line may incline the less despairing of us to pick up a camera. Appropriating the traditional painterly genre of Still Life tenuously provides the sense of creating from nothing, of “making” rather than “taking.” As inspiration for this portfolio, I draw on the 17th century Dutch and Spanish masters of Still Life such as Adriaen Coorte and Juan Sanchez Cotan, whose works often feature simple, everyday and frequently ephemeral objects depicted in austere environments.

Orange on a String

Orange on a String


The term Still Life is essentially oxymoronic and in this body of work I look to animate that stillness by removing identifiers of the quotidian nature of the objects. By careful placement of one type of fruit or vegetable in empty, graphic space, my intent is to add narrative to formal structure. The photographic still life, in its insistence on the reality of the object, is able to add narrative in a way that a painting cannot. The title for this body of work, Still / Life, reflects that intent.


2 Pears

Two Pears


About Tim Brill –

Born and raised in New York City, I left in 1996 after realizing that it wasn’t necessarily the center of the universe. After stints in Boulder, LA and upstate New York, I am now settled in the vibrant photographic community of Portland, OR. After doing some photography course work in high school and college, I was distracted away from photography for a number of years while pursuing what I considered a “real world” career. At the millennium, I came to my senses and returned in earnest to fine art photography, initially in the traditional B&W darkroom based landscape realm, but soon moving into color and studio based Still Life work. In the studio, I create compositions that try to marry traditional painting and modern photographic sensibilities. My work has been exhibited in both solo and group shows in the Pacific Northwest as well as other venues nationally.

Parsnip in a Box

Parsnip in a Box

Joseph Donovan

jd104Joseph Donovan’s stunning landscapes are on the walls of wall space @ Utina this month.

To see more of Joe’s work, please contact the gallery for an appointment.



jd510wall space gallery has been collaborating with City Catering Company since 2007, providing fine art photography for the esteemed caterer and their clients.
For more information about City Catering Company log onto their website.
509 Dexter Ave North
Seattle, Washington 98109

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