Solace – Joseph Donovan at wall space Santa Barbara.

wall space is pleased to present a series of events in support of its newest exhibition and solo artist on the walls, Joseph Donovan.


Joseph Donovan

8 July – 30 August, 2014

Special Reception Friday 11 July, 5.30 – 6.30pm

Funk Zone Art Walk – 2 to 5pm

Noble Cypress

Noble Cypress

Wall space gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition for gallery artist Joseph Donovan featuring his quiet, contemplative landscapes. Donovans’s work stems from his deep connection with poetry and literature focusing on the shared connection between man and his surroundings. These elegant photographs reach into the heart and soul, the topography reflecting the quiet stillness of a solemn landscape. With the voices of John O’Donohue, Mary Oliver and Anthony deMello as his companions he travels the back roads of the United States and Canada. Joseph creates images of the landscape that are unforced, inclusive moments in time.




Joseph Donovan follows in the footsteps of the great landscape artists of our time. Inspired by their connection to the landscape, Joseph finds ways to create new ways to view the landscape without coercing narratives, constricted vision or narrow fields of view. His work is expansive and comes from deep within his soul. The images come to him as an experience, not as a framed composition. It is the light, texture, stillness, the moment that initiates the click of the shutter.





For his own studio work, Donovan has developed strict expectations for the quality and expressive power of each print. It is his passion to make each photograph an immersive translation of his actual experience of a place.  “I want the final print to feel the force of what I saw which means that every detail matters”.

A student of some of the great contemporary master printers, Joe studied photography and print-making with such influential educators as George DeWolfe, Rodney Smith, Charles Cramer and John Sexton.

Joe lives in Sunfish Lake, Minnesota near to St. Paul. When working in his print studio, Donovan is happy for an audience of pine trees, wild birds, some deer and the ever-restless weather.

For more information about Joseph Donovan, his exhibition Solace or to see a portfolio of prints, please contact the gallery.

2 thoughts on “Solace – Joseph Donovan at wall space Santa Barbara.

  1. Good to see that full attention is given to the impact of the final print. Prediction based on calculations and past experience are helpful, but I’ve rarely ever gotten the perfect print on the first attempt, no matter how good it looks on the screen.

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