Nancy Baron on the stairs – The Good Life > Palm Springs


Golf Course Plane

Palm Springs is hot. Not only in temperature, but culturally it’s the new place to be. Over and over, Palm Springs rises like the phoenix from the ashes to be discovered, and rediscovered and discovered again. Nancy Baron has lived part time in Palm Springs for years, is rooted in community there, and has an inside view into the art and artifice of what constitutes the people and places of this mecca and cultural hot spot.

We are thrilled to have Nancy Baron in the gallery on Saturday June 14th for an artist reception and pre-sale of her monograph The Good Life > Palm Springs. Join us between 2-4 for an afternoon indulgence into the colorful world Nancy has captured for us to view.


The Lush Vegatation


The Good Life is Nancy’s visual journey and gives us a look into the backlot of PS, CA.



Big White Car

The Good Life > Palm Springs

After years of visiting Palm Springs, California as a tourist, I became a part-time resident of this desert town and discovered that it was both everything and nothing I expected it to be. The idea of Palm Springs evokes a well-defined image internationally. These varied definitions are mostly accurate, and yet this oasis of layered Americana is often misunderstood. A few steps from the resorts and off the main drag, there is a jewel of a small town, with something for everyone – and a sure path to the American dream, whether realized in a trailer or an architectural masterpiece. This is what I see in this welcoming town that continually reinvents itself with hope, determination, and the belief that everyone is entitled to The Good Life.



Mighty Joe


Lee’s Gone.


About Nancy Baron

I like to discover and document, without judgement, the exotic subculture next door, aiming to capture and celebrate the majesty in worlds that could easily be overlooked, seen as mundane, otherwise misunderstood.



Red Sweater


Bob’s Red Car


The Good Life > Palm Springs is now a monograph published by Kehrer Verlag! It is currently available in Europe and will be available in the U.S. and Canada (including from this site) this Fall, 2014.  A limited slipcased, signed edition with a choice between two 8×10 archival prints of images appearing in this beautiful hardcover book will be available for order soon.

we will have a copy of the book available for viewing and pre-order on Saturday June 14th in the gallery.







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