Structure – Randall J. Corcoran + Architectural Details


Architectural Detail No. 61

Architectural details are important. Critical to the success of any architect, the structure is always made identifiable and unique in the details. Randall J. Corcoran is someone who revels in finding and showcasing those minute touches. Whether it is light, texture, arc or linear trajectory, RJ is going to highlight it in all it’s glory.


Architectural Detail No.29


Architectural Detail No. 31

We are pleased to have him as part of our Structure exhibition. His series, Architectural Details is on the walls and he will be in the gallery for our Artist Reception on Saturday June 14th. Come take a look at this beautiful elegant work.

Architectural Detail #11_1

Architectural Detail No. 11


Architectural Detail #23_1

Architectural Detail No. 23


About Architectural Details – 

Line and form transcend their function, and architectural details develop into abstraction.



Architectural Detail No. 17


With precise attention to detail, these three-dimensional subjects captured by Corcoran’s lens’s become two-dimensional studies in geometry, color and texture. These images combine structural and organic elements to create tension with grace and flow from their glass, steel and brick origins.

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