Jade Doskow – Lost Utopias.

wall space gallery is pleased to bring New York-based photographer Jade Doskow to Santa Barbara for an artist talk focusing on her multi-year photographic project exploring the sites of former world’s fairs.

Saturday April 19th, from 3 – 4.30pm

Jade Doskow, one of represented artists at the gallery is in Santa Barbara tomorrow for a special presentation discussing the Lost Utopias. As a fan of architectural photography, this is one of my favorite combinations of architecture and the human spirit. The images reveal the temporal nature of the ideas and structures we leave as monuments or discard as disposable objects of the past. Our dreams and aspirations still live on in these constructions, and Jade photographs them with dignity and purpose, reminding us of the ideals we left behind.


San Antonio 1968 World’s Fair, “The Confluence of Civilizations in the Americas,” Instituto Cultural De México, 2013

About Lost Utopias

To create this acclaimed body of work, Doskow has traveled the world since 2007 photographing remaining iconic world’s fair sites and structures. The developing product is a beautiful record of the trans-historical reach of these eminently contemporary events, available to modern viewers through their architectural remains. The images in Lost Utopias offer profound documentation of the glorious achievements, global aspirations, and historical styles associated with some of humankind’s loftiest events. Along this journey Doskow has captured architectural icons from 20 cities large and small: the Eiffel Tower of Paris, Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Dome in Montréal, the Tower of the Americas in San Antonio, the Atomium in Brussels.


Montreal 1967 World’s Fair, “Man and His World,” Habitat ’67, 2012

A world’s fair is the stage par excellence for the display of national identities, the unveiling of sensational scientific discoveries, and the cosmopolitan opportunity of a lifetime. They are typically held on the peripheries of cities, temporarily transforming huge, unused plots of urban land into magical, otherworldly mini-cities populated by over-the-top architecture and stunning exhibits of culture and technology. Says Doskow “I have been visiting these unique sites and photographing them to capture the visual tension between the “lost utopias” represented by old fair structures and their meaning in a new temporal context. Visiting these sites, I see past decades and centuries crystallized in the remaining architecture and landscaping. …I have discovered that people become attached to the bizarre fair structures left in their hometowns. What remains after the fair closes is often more luck (the building didn’t burn down, there was not enough money to demolish) than planning, and through my pictures I illustrate the arbitrary nature of what we choose to keep, discard, or reuse on these sites.”


Chicago 1933 World’s Fair, “A Century of Progress International Exposition,” Site of North Lagoon, 2008

Through this collection of images one can glean the birth of monuments and the cultural fascinations and dreams of past eras that spawned these unusual structures. A world’s fair becomes an indelible aspect of the identities of hosting cities, as they remain home to the mysterious, grand, and poetically utopian mythologies still residing in remaining fair architecture.

06 Doskow_Brussels Arch_Wall Space

Brussels 1897 World’s Fair, Triumphal Arch


About Jade Doskow –

Jade Doskow (b. 1978, Pennsylvania) is an award-winning photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. She holds a BA in Philosophy of Art and Music from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study and an MFA in Photography & Video from the School of Visual Arts. She is currently on the photography faculty of the School of Visual Arts and the International Center of Photography, and was named by American Photo as ‘One to Watch’ in 2013. Doskow’s work—which has been exhibited internationally—focuses on the complex and often contradictory relationship between utopian architecture and the ever-changing environment around it, which she captures with a large-format 4×5 camera. She is currently working on completion of the first phase of a long- term project exploring the remaining architecture and landscaping of old world’s fair sites.


14 Doskow_Unisphere_Wall Space

New York 1964 World’s Fair, “Peace Through Understanding,” Unisphere, 2009

Her work is held in numerous private collections.

Doskow’s Lost Utopias project has received press internationally and on the web, featured in American Photo, the New York Observer, NPR Picture Show, ArchDaily, and Wired, among numerous other publications. Recent shoots with Kickstarter sponsorship included San Antonio, Nashville, and New Orleans, and upcoming sites include Vancouver, Seattle, San Diego, and San Francisco.

05 Doskow_Chicago Palace of Fine Arts_Wall Space

Chicago 1893 World’s Fair, “The Columbian Exposition,” Palace of Fine Arts with Japanese Garden, 2008


Please join us tomorrow for Jade’s talk. To reserve your spot, please contact the gallery.

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