Deck the Halls – Joseph Donovan

On this day of good tidings and cheer, of Christmas, families and children joyfully screaming at the sight of the bounty below their Christmas trees, I bring you the stunning vision of Joseph Donovan.

His work has a magnificent stillness, a quiet, and escape. Joe’s work is patient. He waits for the landscape to speak to him, not to force himself or his vision on the scene laid out in front of him. It is in this stillness that we connect to the power of the Earth that surrounds us.

Merry Christmas to all!


Road to Elsewhere




On the Hill, A Palace

In photography I’m looking to find the beauty in nature that reflects our daily lives with all of the joy, struggles and mystery that life holds for each of us. I’m searching for the connections between the beauty in the natural world and the viewer, hoping to invoke a feeling, a memory, a moment of reflection in our hectic and busy lives.

The choice of black and white photography, for me, begins in the abstract. Lacking color, the images rely on shape, contour, line and form to create a mood or feeling in the viewer. Perhaps it is a way of seeing in the purest sense, the stripping away to find the essence of nature’s beauty, it’s stillness. My images are not meant to be regional or location specific, they are meant to be a bridge for the viewer to cross over to another place and time, even if, only for just a moment.

My photography is inspired by the poetry of Mary Oliver and the writings of poet/philosopher, John O’Donohue.
I’ve never met them, but am grateful for their presence in my life through their artistry.
They shine the light of beauty on the path for me to follow.


Reflections on the Merced

About Joseph Donovan –

Joe studied photography and print-making with such influential educators as George DeWolfe, Rodney Smith, Charles Cramer and John Sexton.  For his own studio work, Donovan has developed strict expectations for the quality and expressive power of each print. He is keen to make each photograph an immersive translation of his actual experience of a place.

Ancient Stones

Ancient Stones

Valley Elders

Valley Elders

Joe lives in Sunfish Lake, Minnesota near to St. Paul. When working in his print studio, Donovan is happy for an audience of pine trees, wild birds, some deer and the ever restless weather.

To see more of Joe’s beautiful work, log onto our website. For pricing or to see a portfolio, please contact the gallery. Available in three sizes, with an overall edition of 40, prices start at $500.

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