Deck the Halls – Danielle Dean Palmer

In December, the month of giving, we are highlighting our talented gallery artists who give us the gift of their work. It is their insights that inspire us, help us grow, challenge us and surround us with inspiration.


Vintage Sea

Danielle Dean Palmer has found a quiet elegant way to have us connect with the earth. We float alongside her on the water, swim through the kelp forests in the ocean. Her textured, ethereal images are dreamlike. These gems, between three and seven inches are intimate, beautiful, to me, like holding a small window to the world in your hand, and on your walls. Each piece of Danielle’s work is hand crafted – stained, textured, hand painted. While each piece is available in an edition of five, based on the process, each small vision is a unique piece.




Sea I


Above III

About Danielle Dean Palmer’s work –

My work is created as an exploration of the relationship between the experience of the natural world and the identification with the transcendent. Subtlety pulling from religious art devices such as patterns, triptychs, diptychs, and reliquaries this work bridges the art of my Catholic upbringing with my current spirituality. Most of my photographs have been taken from within my backyard on San Juan Island to form an intimate sphere of reference. I believe that the landscape that you live with day in and day out intrinsically becomes a part of you. The final treatment of the photograph is that of a sacred object. There is no glass, frame or other barrier. Dimensionality and seeing the hand of the artist is an important element of the work. Typically I use a mixture of mediums to complete the images such as oil paint, encaustics, gouache, wood and steel.


Below I

About Danielle Dean Palmer –

Born 1981 in Toledo, Ohio
Danielle Dean Palmer’s work depicts a world between times. She uses a blend of old and new image making techniques to reveal a primal and personal vision of nature in its most elemental form. Her elegant compositions are evocative of specimens collected from a memory of encounter, an experience of something eternal and inextricably of us. They are works of discovery unveiled with a subtle lens. Danielle has a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design and also studied at the School of Lorenzo De’Medici in Florence, Italy. Her work is included in several private collections and has been exhibited throughout the West Coast. She lives and works on San Juan Island with her husband, sculptor Matthew Gray Palmer.


Below II


Below III


Below IV

Danielle Dean Palmer‘s stunning pieces are available in the gallery. Each piece is an edition of 5 and prices vary based on size. Most pieces are highly affordable starting at $200 – $600.

For more information, and to see more work, log onto the website or stop into the gallery to see Danielle’s prints.

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