Deck the Halls- Mitch Dobrowner

In December, the month of giving, we are highlighting our talented gallery artists who give us the gift of their work. It is their insights that inspire us, help us grow, challenge us and surround us with inspiration.

STORMS by Mitch Dobrowner. Published by Aperture, October 2013

STORMS by Mitch Dobrowner. Published by Aperture, October 2013

One of Mitch Dobrowner‘s many talents lie in the ability to capture the world around us in a riveting and engaging way. Cinematic and powerful, his interpretation on reading the earth and sky is unique. Mitch’s love of the land has given us a gift of seeing our surroundings in a new way. Since 2008, we have been honored to represent and send into the world Mitch Dobrowner’s stunning vision of the landscape. I was a fan when I saw his vision of my beloved Southwest landscapes. In finding and exposing the texture of the sandstone, the scale in both tone and immensity of the cliffs of Southern Utah, I knew hew understood my connection to that sacred place. It was his vision of Shiprock, where I had been many times, but never seen as he had patiently waited, paying off in a resulting once in a lifetime image.

Shiprock Storm

Shiprock Storm

His eye turned to the skies in 2010, and his portfolio of Storms showcases the raw power and immensity of the weather as it impacts the land. With his vision, we hear the roar of the storm and see the movement of these weather systems as they traverse the countryside.

This Saturday, December 14th, wall space gallery is pleased to host an afternoon book signing with the acclaimed photographer, Mitch Dobrowner. Come to the gallery to meet the 2012 Sony World Photographer of the Year and get your signed edition of his new book! Storms collects awe-inspiring images taken over years of storm-chasing across the United States into a beautiful 96-page volume published by Aperture. Signed copies are $50.

With an introduction by travel writer Gretel Ehrlich, the book has been highlighted by American Photo Magazine as one of the Best Books of 2013. Receiving international acclaim, these photographs have been previously featured in National Geographic, on LensCulture, Wired, Time Magazine and the UK Daily Mail. Epic Storms has also been highlighted in the LA Times and viewed on CNN and the Weather Channel. His work is in the collection of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Cleveland Museum of Art and both public and private collections across the country.

Books will be readily available at the gallery on the 14th, but we are happy to reserve a copy so you can skip the line. Contact the gallery at 805.637.3898 or

wall space is pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition of Mitch Dobrowner’s photographs. This exhibition will open April 1st and run through May 25th, 2014.

Mitch Dobrowner, Funnel in a Cornfield

Mitch Dobrowner, Funnel in a Cornfield

Mitch Dobrowner, Arm of God

Mitch Dobrowner, Arm of God

About Storms

The Earth is an ever-changing eco-system. It’s existed well before we were here, and will hopefully be here well beyond the time we leave it. It’s real, at times beautifully surreal, powerfully haunting and alive all at the same time.

While photographing, the world gets quiet around me… things seem simple again, and I obtain a respect and reverence for the world that is hard to communicate through words. I get into a ”zone” where time and space seem hard for me to measure. For me those moments ara combination of the exterior environment and my interior combining. Hopefully the images presented help communicate what I visualize during those times.

About Mitch Dobrowner

Growing up on Long Island (Bethpage), NY–I felt lost in my late teens. Worried about my future direction in life, my father gave me an old Argus rangefinder to fool around with. Little did he realize what an important gesture that would turn out to be for me.

After doing some research and seeing the images of Minor White and Ansel Adams I quickly became addicted to photography.

To make a long story short, I left home at 21, quitting my job, leaving my friends and family to see the American Southwest for myself. In California I eventually met my wife, and together we had 3 children, and created our own design studio – and the tasks of running a business and raising a family took a priority to Photography. During that time I stopped taking pictures.

Years later, in early 2005, inspired by my wife, children and friends – I again picked up my cameras. Today I see myself on a passionate mission to make up for years of lost time – creating images that help evoke how I see our wonderful planet.

I feel that I owe much to the great photographers of the past, especially Ansel Adams, for their dedication to the craft and for inspiring me in my late teens. Though I have never met them, their inspiration helped me determine the course my life would take.

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