Jennifer Greenburg – Revising History


My Co-Worker was Always Jealous of My Blonde Hair

In Revising History, Jennifer Greenburg has captured our attention.

Their Wedding was a Lot of Fun

We all wish to create our own narrative. In appropriating imagery, in crafting new memories, Jennifer Greenburg can begin to live a life we can only dream of. Revising History has caught the attention of the world. Not just Photoshop magic, these images take an extensive amount of time (weeks and some take months) to craft from her collection of vintage negatives. In building a contemporary story based in a vintage world, Jennifer spans time, telling stories that are not real but manufactured, telling stories we all want to believe. We become willing participants in Jennifer’s theatre. These images are ironic, clever, humorous and a touch romantic about the era and the social mores of the time.

Napping with Floyd

Napping With Floyd

In the last month alone, Revising History has been featured in print and online by The Guardian UK, and online at FeatureShoot,  My Modern Met, Laughing Squid, Trendhunter, Visual News and The Bold Italic.

Our High School Reunion

Our High School Reunion

The visual play between what is real, what is imagined and what is interpreted is what makes these images stand out and be noticed.

Her earlier series The Rockabillies  was recently featured on ABC news. This work documents a cultural movement that takes Mid-Century American ideals home to live in contemporary surroundings. The vibrancy of the times, the concepts and the desire to live a simpler life has led Rockabilly culture to thrive.


We are thrilled to represent Jennifer’s work. These images are in private and public collections across the country. For more information about these creative photographs please contact the gallery.

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