Rosser_July4 033

Donna Rosser – July 4th

Happy 4th of July! On this day, more than hot dogs, red white and blue, or spending time with family or friends, this day is about the BOOM. Anxiously awaiting nightfall, everyone I know heads to the highest peak, the best spot along the esplanade, or a backyard to watch things blow up, or blow them up on your own (my favorite). So more than food, buying a new mattress or even the state of our independence, lighting up the night sky is the best part of what usually is just another day.

My friend and talented artist, Bill Vaccaro , who we recently profiled here, created a series called Boomtown. I have included 4 images from his series about the people and well, the culture of what puts the boom in BOOM.

chris and his stash grand island ny

Bill Vaccaro – Chris and his Stash, Grand Island, NY

roman candle. loyola beach, chicago il

Bill Vaccaro – Roman Candle, Loyola Beach, Chicago, IL

golf ball outlet fireworks megastore hardeeville sc

Bill Vaccaro – Golf Ball Outlet Fireworks Megastore, Hardeeville, SC

rocket city south of the border sc

Bill Vaccaro – Rocket City, South of the Border, SC

Gallery artist Loren Nelson, moonlights as a pyro-technician. I must say I am a little jealous. It might be,  just like anything else, the bloom falls off the rose when you work in the field, but I can see by his images, he might still love them as much as I do.

Fireworks_Timberline 01a

Loren Nelson – Fireworks at the Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, OR

Rainier 2010 08b

Loren Nelson – Rainier, 2010

Seattle 5_22_10 006a

Loren Nelson – Seattle, 2010

TheBiteOfPortland 2007_09b

Loren Nelson – The Bite of Portland, 2007

I want to thank everyone who sent in an image.

For making my 4th of July sparkle and boom, thank you!


Kerry Mansfield

Pyrotechnic #11

Jim Nickelson – Pyrotechnic #11


Patti Gutshall


Michelle Rogers


Scott Norris


E. Brady Robinson


Mark Peterson – Chinese NY SF

keeley_4th of July_

Dennis Keeley – 4th of July

Independence Day  © Kendall Messick

Kendall Messick – Independence Day

Aline Smithson – Fireworks
mary_ann_lynch_ c2012 July 4_ 72IMG_2952

Mary Ann Lynch – Extravaganza, July 4th 2012, Saratoga Springs NY


Ashly Stohl – Park City, 2011


Sara Jane Boyers – Detroit Early 4th


Amy Grace


Fred Bonilla – Roman Fireworks


Frank Diaz – Apparition


Stephanie Sydney


Robert Schaefer


Mayerling Garcia

Atomic Overlook

Clay Lipsky – Atomic Overlook


Ruben Natal San Miguel – Coney Island

sallyDeford_2011 -fourth-IMG_2482

Sally Deford – July 4th, 2011


Leslie Sonnenberg – Big Bang

Fireworks and Full Moon_8655_1000w

Barry Steven Greff – Fireworks and Full Moon

Fireworks - Copyright Cindy Bendat 2005 DSC_0553

Cindy Bendat – Fireworks, 2005


Jim Brammer


Bruce Barone – Nature’s Fireworks

d kelly  sparkler heart

D. Kelly – Sparkler Heart


Douglas Ljungkvist


Tytia Habing – Small Town, Big Fireworks

JaneGottlieb-Final Print Sm Fred and Ginger

Jane Gottlieb – Fred & Ginger


Garrett Williams


Doug Ness


Christine Anderson


Stella Lee – Bay City 4th, 2008

4th of July fireworks in Berkeley Heights, NJ

Panos Lambrou – 4th of July fireworks in Berkeley Heights, NJ


Christopher Paquette – July 4th, 2009


Sue Van Horsen – Power Unleashed (From the Observer Series)

shreiber_red glare

Andi Schreiber – Red Glare


Shawna Gibbs

Maria Fernanda Hubeaut

Maria Fernanda Hubeaut


Judith Loniak

Fireworks July 4, 2012

Kimberly Kafton – July 4, 2012


Kelly Flynn – Firework Arrow

Frank Diaz

Frank Diaz – And the Show Comes to an End

Coney Island (c) NormanBorden-

Norman Borden – Coney Island

4 thoughts on “BOOM!

  1. Pingback: Boom! | Michelle Rogers Pritzl

  2. Thank you for featuring Loren Nelson’s fireworks. He is totally enthusiastic about his aerial creations which you can see in the artistry displayed on the canvas of night.

  3. Thank you for including my photos in this amazing barrage of images! And, yes. It’s true. After 18 years of working on shows, I still get the same feeling of awe when that first burst goes off. Just like I felt the first time I saw fireworks!

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