Photolucida – Sheri Lynn Behr

Sheri Lynn Behr has struck a nerve. Currently as we discuss the reach and over reach of our government observations of its citizens, Sheri has been breaking down those boundaries for years. Her series NoSafeDistance challenges our perceptions of privacy, and the series we look at here, NoMatterWhere, is a graphic seductive architectural look at how we are all being watched. I worked for awhile as a photographers assistant, and we shot a number of casinos. I was told the minute we entered, the eagle was watching. I was extremely self conscious at first, knowing every time I scratched, yawned, moved or did anything I thought might be a private thing, someone was watching me do it. After awhile the cameras were routine. I didn’t notice, and I didn’t care. I often think we are all in that place now. We either take it for granted, or naively assume that would never happen. The latest news would indicate that being naive about just how much we are watched and how is no longer an option. We are observed so often we have become immune to our hyper visibility. That’s why I love NoMatterWhere. Graphic, interesting and sculptural, Sheri makes me look again reminding me of the idea that someone, somewhere is always watching.


Picturing You Picturing Me

About NoMatterWhere –

While shooting for my project NoSafeDistance, I began to think more about photography without permission, and realized that while I was making photographs, I was being photographed as well. This is the beginning of an examination of the ways we are all being photographed, even sometimes in the most benign landscape. As with the Lucky Cats, suddenly so visible in windows I pass by, I now see cameras everywhere, often security cameras pointed at me. Sometimes outside, sometimes inside, sometimes they even come with warning signs. I’ve chosen to start pointing my camera at the cameras.

security cameras at the Museum of Modern Art

Security Cameras Are In Every Room and Corridor


They Are Analyzing The Video From All The Security Cameras

Not only are the cameras themselves everywhere, they also show up on television, and in the books and newspapers I read. Some of the titles I now use for my work are based on actual quotes I’ve found there. So no matter where you go, there they are. Smile. Or not.


There Are CCTV Cameras Everywhere

Museum of Modern Art

Cameras Are Mounted In Strategic Locations


The Camera Keeps A Steady Watch


Surveillance Will Be Commonplace

About Sheri Lynn Behr –

Born in the Bronx, Sheri Lynn Behr studied photography and digital imaging in New York City and began her career photographing musicians and celebrities at concert halls and clubs back in the day. Her rock and roll photographs appeared in most music publications of the time and are now collected and exhibited as fine art.

After several years working in the music business, she decided to concentrate on personal work. Photo projects have explored 9/11, California intersections and New York City’s Chinatown, and her recent work deals with photography without permission. Her photographs have been widely exhibited and have appeared in American and international publications.


What Evil Lurks Behind That Electronic Eye?

Sheri Lynn Behr has received a 2012 Fellowship in Photography from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, and was recently chosen as one of the Fraction 50 by David Bram for Fraction Magazine’s Five Year Anniversary issue.

Please observe Sheri’s work on her website.

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