Photolucida – Marico Fayre

When I saw Marico’s White portfolio, I felt like I had just come home to Jackson, Wyoming. After living there for 3 years, I fell in love with the snow. It was magic. Quiet, soulful, and simple. Beautiful. The white landscape of winter in Wyoming was one of my favorites, I looked forward to it, drove into the middle of it, couldn’t wait for the cold quiet it provided. Marico’s way of participating in the landscape, letting it come to her, instead of her to it, really came through in this work. It is a way of being surrounded, yet quieted by the silence and starkness of her environment. The other piece of this work that struck me was the structure. Line and form. The simplicity of the landscape. It is within these frames I was at peace, breathing deeply and taking a moment for myself. Let me know what you think.


White II


White is emptiness. It is the mirror that shows us the deep quiet inside ourselves, the solitude that exists in our lives, and our ever-present desire to fill it. We look for things to take us away from the present – signs of the human presence, a story that has been written and then washed away. We try to find an escape by following the fence, searching for the homestead, finding a reference point that will lead us back to the world we know. But with each step we sink more deeply into ourselves. We find space and peace by accepting the unknown and pausing, even briefly, to remember ourselves.

Be still. Breathe. See the light. Color. Shadows. Shapes. Look deeper.


White IV


White IX


White X

About Marico

Marico Fayre is a fine art and editorial photographer, specializing in environmental portraits and conceptual story- telling. She holds a BFA in Photography from the Pacific Northwest College of Art and an MFA from the Academy of Art University. Marico is part of the full-time faculty for the Academy of Art’s Photography department, and she also puts her photographic and marketing skills to work for a variety of non-profit organizations and publications internationally.

Her passion comes from engaging viewers in the shared dialogue that exists between artist, audience and artwork. The close relationship between communications and photography led Marico to become a seasoned marketing professional with specific expertise in public relations and branding. Bringing together her passion for both art and business, Marico co-founded a collective geared toward business planning, marketing, PR, and promotion for cre- ative professionals. She also runs her own photography studio, {Reveal}.

“I deal in memories. And in light. Photography, for me, is an intensely personal process that records a fleeting experience, turning a memory into a tangible object. These records elevate one’s individual truth into the realms of myth and mystery.”


White XII

To see more beautiufl work from Marico, please log onto her website.

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