Revising History – Jennifer Greenburg

Opening today at wall space is Jennifer Greenburg’s creative series, Revising History.  I first met Jennifer at Review Santa Fe in 2008 when she was first showing her work on the Rockabillies. Since then, after publishing her book on that work, she has been hard at work on her newest series, Revising History, which we premiered in China at the Lishui Photo Festival in 2011. I am thrilled to be able to show the work here in the gallery.

This work is fun, clever and creative, not only in it’s execution, but in mixing our ideas of time and narratives of what is and what was.

Revising History opens today and runs through July 14th. Join us on June 28th from 6 to 8pm, for an artist reception with Jennifer Greenburg.


Finishing School Graduation

About Revising History –

Revising History, is a series of manufactured images that I have created by replacing the individuals in vintage found-negatives with images of myself. I commandeer source material from someone else’s life thus taking over their memories to call my own.

The work is a performance that results in a series of photographs that are entirely counterfeit.  I reference the gestures within the original image as a means to take ownership of that moment. I appropriate the mood and emotions, or lack thereof, of each event. In the decisive moment, I become a musician, a mother, a corpse– even though I am none of those things.

There is something inherently false in most snapshots. The moments captured are often idealized. And when we look back at our own images, we co-opt the fantasy that the photograph has created for us. We replace our original memories with something photography has sold to us.  Reality is replaced with a nostalgic appropriation. It is with this in mind that I have created a body of fictitious images that depict counterfeit memories.


Gifts for the Bride

About Jennifer Greenburg –

Jennifer Greenburg is an internationally exhibited fine-art photographer whose work focuses on American culture.  Greenburg’s work is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Photography,  the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, and The National Art Gallery of Ontario.  She has had solo shows at The Hyde Park Art Center,  Indiana University Northwest Gallery for Contemporary Art and many other venues.  Greenburg is the recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Grant and was an artist-in-resident at Lightwork,  Syracuse, NY.  A monograph of Jennifer Greenburg’s series, The Rockabillies, was published in 2009 by the Center for American Places.  Greenburg is an assistant professor of photography at Indiana University Northwest.


Their Wedding was a lot of Fun

For more about Jennifer’s work, or to see a portfolio of prints,, please contact the gallery.

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