Dislocation – Priya Kambli & Kate Connell

Join us tonight for Art Zone SB, an art walk in our Funk Zone neighborhood. Tonight from 5pm to 8pm we have extended hours, and are joined by 4 other galleries to build a creative nexus of energy within a 2 block radius. For more details about Art Zone SB, or the funk zone itself, log onto the website.


Kate ConnellReading Signs


Priya KambliMuma, Baba, Sona and Me

Currently hanging at the gallery in Santa Barbara is Dislocation, an exhibition featuring two artists, Priya Kambli and Kate Connell. It is based on the ideas of family, of connection of being rooted to community and being lost in new cultures.

It is a shared narrative of uprooting from the familiar and finding oneself in unknown surroundings. The two artists in our exhibition, Priya Kambli and Kate Connell are exploring the tenuous, intangible ideas of family, of relationships and integrating into new cultures and environments. It is how they remained true to themselves, connected to what was familiar, and embraced the new that makes for this unique and compelling narrative. Priya Kambli, born in India, moved to the United States at 18, Kate Connell moved from California to Japan, her family in tow. Their images speak to the complexities of finding their way, of embracing the new, and holding onto the past.


Priya KambliDadi Aaji and Dada Aajooba (Yellow Petals)

we will be showcasing both artists in coming posts, but for a closer look at the images hanging on the walls, log onto the website.


Priya KambliDadi Aaji and Dada Aajooba

About Priya Kambli –

Priya was born and raised in India and moved to the United States at the age of 18, carrying her entire life in one suitcase weighing about 20 lbs. She began her artistic career in the States, and her work has always been informed by her experience as a migrant.

A graduate of the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1997, Kambli holds an M.F.A. from the University of Houston. Her monograph, Color Falls Down, was published in 2010. Kambli is a Professor of Art at Truman State University where she teaches Photography and Foundations. She lives in Kirksville, Missouri.


Kate ConnellPalimpsest

About Kate Connell –

Kate Connell was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California and started taking photographs at the age of eight. She studied photography at the University of California, Santa Cruz before transferring to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where she received her BFA in 1985. She subsequently worked as a commercial photographer in New York City. In 1997, she moved to Austin, Texas and held two solo exhibitions of her studies of vines. From there she traveled to Japan and spent two and a half years working on a group of photographs based on her perspective of nature in urban Kyoto. In the spring of 2005, this work culminated in two solo exhibitions held in Kyoto galleries. She has continued work in this vein after returning to the US, participating in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Texas, Japan and California, at venues such as the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Westmont Museum of Art, the Atkinson Gallery and Channing Peake Gallery.


Kate ConnellUmbrella Telescopic

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