Wrapping up Photolucida.

Photolucida 2013 is in the books. done. finiteo. All the artists have gone home, the reviewers have left the Benson Hotel’s bar, and the amazing volunteers who take care of us have all gone back to their regular lives…


Bill Finger – from his series Ground Control

It is an honor for me to be in the room with so many talented artists, sharing their lives, their work and their commitment to creativity. Each artist has a unique vision, and no matter what the outcome of each meeting, I am always excited about photography and our community.

For those who have not done an event of this magnitude, these reviews aren’t easy. Artists spend time and copious amounts of money weeks prior to the event just getting ready. It’s all a calculated gamble. Sequencing, endless printing, studying reviewers bios and hopefully making the right choices, editing, writing and prepping for every single 20 minute session they can get. They put themselves on the line over and over often in back to back meetings…

I commend you for your courage and your commitment to your craft.

Nancy Baron - I'm so excited to see her.

Nancy Baron – I’m so excited to see her.

In the coming weeks we will be talking about and showcasing many of the artists I met with and some that I didn’t have the opportunity to, but highly admire. Can’t wait to show you what talent and creativity there is in this community.

To start I want to thank all of the photographers who took time to meet with me and show me their work. This is the group, all listed in order of my schedule….


Maxine Helfman – Satin Bow

Christa Blackwood - Santa Elena

Christa Blackwood – Santa Elena


Jim Leisy – from series Amateur Physics

Douglas Ethridge - Carlos

Douglas Ethridge – Carlos

I look forward to seeing what happens next for many of you. If you see work you like, work you love or admire…contact the artist. Tell them. Support them. Buy a print. Connect.


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