Beautiful My Desire – Danielle Ezzo


Two Women


Constellation 2

About Danielle’s Process –

The salted print is one of the oldest photographic methods. Danielle focuses on marrying salt printing and other historical processes with modern techniques, which push the boundaries of how aestheticize photography.  The most recognizable works are completely cameraless, yet all the while still entirely photographic. Invisible Cities, visually manifests statistically data and how we relate to one another in a digitalized era. Danielle tips her hat to the first ‘photographers’, as she seeks to contextualize the current framework of social interconnectivity, while reflecting on the past.


Constellation 3


Constellation 1

About Danielle –

Danielle Ezzo is a photo-based artist and independent curator recognized by the ISE Foundation with the Emerging Curators Grant in 2010 for her work with Anagnorisis. She won the award of Best In Show at the Rayko Photo Center for her most recent series, Kindred Systems, and garnered an honorable mention at the Soho Photo Alternative Photography competition in 2011. Her work has been exhibited nationally including such galleries at Galerie Protégé, Daniel Cooney Fine Art, Shadow Space, Fuse in New York City, and talked about in NYArts Magazine. Danielle has most recently been accepted into the MFA program for process-based photography at the Art Institute of Boston and plans to attend in 2013. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and cat.


Lovingly Distant

For more information on Danielle’s work, please log onto her website.

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