Beautiful My Desire – Carlos Chavarria


Untitled, CA

About Carlos Chavarria –

Although Carlos Chavarria was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, his Photography is strongly influenced by the classic American Documentary Photography. He uses this aesthetic in his work to explore our interaction with and understanding of space.


Big Sur, CA

Carlos holds a MFA from the European University of Madrid. In 2010 was selected like one of the best emerging photographers to participate in the award “Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña 2010” and his work’s been exhibited in different galleries and venues in Spain, France and United States. He’s been living in San Francisco for two years where he intends to establish his career.


Monte Rio, CA

The picture is part of an on going Project, result of several trips through the West coast of the US, looking for the unexpected in the American Landscape and trying to reflect what American Lifestyle means for a foreign eye.


Portland, OR


Humboldt County, CA

To see more of Carlo’s work, please log onto his website.

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