Beautiful My Desire – Victoria Bjorklund


Modern Relics no.9


Modern Relics no.5


In this series, I invite you to experience these iconic remnants of a past era.  Despite their fading presence, these relics still exert a strong cultural resonance in their former beauty and splendor.   Refreshing in their distinctive boldness, they serve as a reminder of a time when the world appeared less complicated.


Modern Relics no.8

About Victoria –

Victoria Bjorklund is a photographic & book artist based in Tacoma, Washington.  She is interested in the urban landscape and finds inspiration from writers and how they use words to describe the world around them, seeking to give a narrative in each thoughtfully captured photograph.

Victoria is a graduate of the Fine Art Certificate program in Photography at The Maine Media College and a 2009 recipient of the TAIP grant by the City of Tacoma.  Her work has been exhibited locally at the Tacoma Art Museum, and nationally in San Francisco, Portland, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis.


Modern Relics no.6


Modern Relics no.3

To see more of Victoria’s work, please log onto her website.

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