Beautiful My Desire – Sean Dana


Waiting 3rd Street Bus Stop

About Sean’s Work –

As a teenager I snuck out of the house at night to skate, ride bikes and feel free.  Being alone in a public space gave me a sense of possession and power. Tucked away places and deserted streets still call to me for their stillness and strength.  In the cover of darkness we can escape and find a respite from our day to day lives.


Paul’s Flowers Colma, California


Apartment Complex San Bruno, California

About Sean –

Sean’s work focuses on finding the meditative qualities of the urban landscape. He has owned and operated a motion graphics company, 7G productions, for 12 years.


Liquor Locker San Bruno, California


Humbolt Motorsports Crescent City, California

For more of Sean’s work please log onto his website.

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