Fall Preview.

It’s been awhile since we have posted here, I know. There’s a reason.

We have been busy plotting. Some would say the overthrow of Western Civilization, but I would say – after a move to a new space here in Santa Barbara, we have lots of new ideas and new ways to bring you the visions of the community of artists we are lucky enough to be part of.

First, let’s talk about our Santa Barbara exhibition schedule. We are thrilled to have the clever, quirky and creative work of Grace Weston this September.

Grace Weston takes ideas, stories and statements then crafts clever narratives that make us laugh and makes us think. Her images grab us, shake us and with wit and humor we confront ourselves in the reflection of her photographs. Universal themes, complicated by psychological tension, playing on our fears, anxiety, our best moments, and sometimes our worst. These private realities, all staged moments of current events, fable or myth allow us to not only laugh at ourselves, but to grow, understanding how others may see us.  It is in exploring these contradictions we see ourselves clearly.

Mind’s Eye

4 September – 7 October, 2012

images shown – Top (Torn Between Two Lovers) Bottom – (House of Atlas)

We have a special event planned for October 6th, Focus on the Funk Zone. We will be showcasing the work of Grace Weston that day, with an event called “Let Them Eat Cake”. We will be enjoying Crushcakes Cupcakes and Pali Wines.

Focus on the Funk Zone is an opportunity to show people the value of the hidden and not-so-hidden treasures that make this neighborhood so special. It is also a day to showcase the type of lively arts oriented atmosphere that can be created when the community comes together to promote a future for the neighborhood that is explicitly arts/culture-centric and preserves the unique demographic of the area. It will be a day of open studios, great food, live performances and of course, we will be showcasing Grace Weston’s work on the walls, and the wealth of creative artists in our flat files.

One of the reasons we moved to this neighborhood was the opportunity of being on the edge of a new wave of ideas and creativity. I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

In October we go to Africa, for our exhibition called Savanna. Ron Reeder and his very talented wife Judy Roan, have collaborated to produce beautiful, romantic portraits of some of natures most powerful and amazing mammals.

Joining Ron & Judy will be Santa Barbara photographer Shaun Walton. Shaun’s images are graphic high contrast intense black and white images of the roamers of the African plains. His focus is their movement at night. His ability to capture wildlife in a way we have never seen before makes these images unforgettable.

This November we have a new Collectible edition coming up. This is our Give Back edition. We are excited to bring affordable art with a social conciseness to the gallery. The work, from local and national artists, spanning not just photography, but works on paper, painting and small sculptures will sell for $200. A portion of the sale will be donated to the organization of the Artist’s choice, and that gallery will match their contribution. So if an artist wants to give 10% to Arts Programming in their neighborhood, a needy food bank or cancer research, we will meet the 10% so a total of 20% goes to helping others and giving back.

I hope you will support the great artists and organizations, and that together we can make a difference.

We have a new program in October called Open Studio. These one night only opportunities for visiting artists to have an evening to talk about and showcase their work in the gallery. We have two scheduled in October. The first, October 9th, will be Santa Barbara’a Macduff Everton, who just received an award from the International Photography Awards for his newly released book “Patagonia: La Ultima Esperanza“. We will have Macduff, his book and some select images on the walls. Join us.

We have much more coming, and a great line up for spring.
Stay tuned, and thank you for your support.

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