ND12 – Odette England

Odette’s lovely, quiet small images hang on the walls of the gallery in Crossing Territories. Photograph as story, as object. In her series, Photos of Me without Me, Odette scissors herself out of the image, then re-seams the print together. These small objects, one of a kinds, resonate within all of us. Snapshots, memories, become almost more romantic, and memorable with passage of time, and our realities often fall into fantasy. I think we have all taken ourselves out of images, if not literally, figuratively speaking. Odette manages to have us join in on her journey, yet insert ourselves into her world, and craft our own memories as a result.

From Odette’s Artist Statement –

Home is the center weight of my work.  Memory and forgetting are the counterbalances.  I use the past, the expired, to create intimate experiences of the risk involved in what it means to be home, love home, leave home.  My photographs are fragile, contemplative, temporal spaces; fantasy paths once trodden that yearn to be retraced, inscriptions of
‘then’, ‘now’.   The evolving, revolving door of home is where I use photography to treat memory as I will my daughter: I must nurture her, watch her mature; then let her go.


Without Me 3

Without Me 3

Without Me 27

Without Me 9

Without Me 8

Without Me 6

Without Me 34

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