ND12 – Norihisa Hosaka

Burning Chrome. Norihisa Hosaka, part of Crossing Territories, created a world visually reminiscent of the film Blade Runner, with bright lights and a vision of a restless society in his native Japan. His technique, using HDR, highlights this super real, almost science fiction reality. Not just a study of place, these landscapes show the motion of people, of who has transited this place, seemingly immune to what is around them.

From Hosaka’s statement –

I am currently taking landscape photographs of Tokyo under my favorite theme, “Retrospective Luminescence.”

In the 80’s, key word in cultural movement was Cyberpunk; the 21st century near-future Tokyo viewed in movies, literature and music. The chaotic image of Cyberpunk Tokyo has become a fixture by the 90’s. [2]
Today, the image of near-future Japan created three decades ago, Cyberpunk Tokyo, seems somewhat a nostalgic reminiscence and has become one of the fictitious histories of Tokyo.

We realize that Tokyo has not become the cyberpunk city we often seen in the films. However, I feel a possibility of Tokyo and Japan becoming something we have envisioned in the 80’s. I want to take photographs of not now, not the past, and not the future but of a mixed timeline.

DECAY of LIGHTS: Shinjuku Yunika Vision

DECAY of LIGHTS: Shibuya Tsutaya

DECAY of LIGHTS: Shinjuku FUSA's

DECAY of LIGHTS: Ginza Ring Cube

DECAY of LIGHTS: Shinjuku Frente

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