ND12 – Greer Muldowney

We focus on size today, and the ability to fill a frame. Crossing Territories artist Greer Muldowney has managed to convey significant size in a small package. The boundaries in her images not only look at constricting space, its also about how we constrain people as well. The images in her series, 6,426 per km2, Greer looks at how we create density in a small space, in this case Hong Kong. Her work is vibrant, structural, and highly detailed. The best part is the images don’t take up an entire wall to make the point. At 20×24 inches, she has managed to give us the feeling we are standing on a curb looking into these structures.

from her artist statement –

At 6,426 people per km2, Hong Kong boasts the most densely populated urban center in the world. The reality of sustainable practices, depletion of resources and a shifting global power paradigm pervade media involving China, and its Western syndicate territory, Hong Kong. By making imagery here, I ask viewers to contemplate these issues, but to also see these places as homes; not statistics. As the living cities and infrastructure that address cultural standards and progressive technologies. These photographs do not propose a reality so different from the spin of contemporary media, but asks an audience on the other side of the world, the Western world, to reflect on whether these images provide a surrogate for wonderment or trepidation for a changing global climate and future.

Kwai HIng

Cheung Sha Wan #2

Cheung Sha Wan


Lai Chi Kok

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