ND12 – Brook Reynolds

Brook Reynolds, part of Crossing Territories, has images that are seductive, introspective and gorgeous to look at. Her striking gelatin silver prints are full of great contrast, rich blacks, details in the shadows. Technically stunning, these images are also introspective, quiet, and allow us as viewers to fall into the organic shape and  lose ourselves.

Taking simple inconsequential objects, Brooke makes them important and unordinary.

From her artist statement –

Enso photographs are  created by the process of combining slow exposures with motion, and inspired by the practice of Soto Zen Buddhism. Enso is the Japanese word for circle, and is a Zen symbol for the endless interconnectedness and impermanence of all life. According to a Japanese story from the 8th Century, the Zen Master Kyozan created the first enso painting in response to a monk’s request for a gatha, a written poem or statement, expressing enlightenment and said, “Thinking about this and then understanding it is second best; not thinking about it and understanding it is third best.” He did not say what is first best.

We show only five images here, based on her submission to New Directions, but take a look at her website to see more of these beautiful images.

Human Hair Enso

Petrified Wood Enso

Snake Skin Enso

Razor Clam Enso

Wild Rose Enso

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