ND12 – Zelda Zinn

Zelda Zinn, today’s featured artist from Crossing Territories, is a Los Angeles based photographer who looked skyward to create her image Trickle, part of New Directions 2012.

Zelda’s work is from her series Guided Imagery, showing the graphic and fluid nature of material, in all its varied shapes and forms. This work is a Rorschach test. To me a great game to see what you can find in the form each image takes. Her initial idea came out of the clouds in the New Mexico sky. When I look at the work, diaphanous, topographic and geologic forms spring into the frame, and the stories I craft in my head bring me back to look again and again finding new ideas, new shapes….

the genesis of Guided Imagery

This new body of work came from pondering the ever-changing New Mexico sky. Every time I looked up, it seemed there was a new formation of clouds, evidence of unseen forces. The subtle and ephemeral nature of these compositions impressed me, and I began by trying to imitate them. The initial results looked like photographs of clouds—they were too “real” to interest me. Moving on, I kept playing with the same diaphanous material, not sure where it would lead.

I found myself drawn to the shapes that sparked a reference to other objects. What appealed to me about them was their ability to allude to other things through such limited means. Providing so little in depth, “information,” material, and tonal variation, they tug at the seams of what a photograph is. If they succeed in holding our attention, it is through their power of suggestion.

what do you think?





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