ND12 – Tami Bone

Tami Bone’s work is magical. Part of Crossing Territories, her work exemplifies the idea of crafted narratives. Her images tell mythical stories, black and white memory driven tales that have no beginning or no end. You can fall into her poetic narratives, bring your own mysteries, and travel off into her swirling light and deep shadow.

Her work starts as written notes, that merge into ideas, that become a group of images, that blossom as illustrative stories. These are images I can look at all day and find something new each time I walk by them.

About Tami –

Tami Bone spent her growing up years in deep South Texas and along the Texas Gulf Coast. Today she lives in Austin, close to the rugged Texas Hill Country. She attended The University of Texas, although her interest in photography began later. For much of her adult life, she has pieced together an ongoing photographic education, including formal classes, workshops and continuous self-education. Her past photographic experience is in portraiture, where she specialized in photographing children using black and white film, and natural light.

I have had the pleasure of working with Tami on Life Support Japan, in March of last year, and she was part of our last exhibition at the gallery, Multiple Exposures.


Fish Story

The Epiphany

Black Winged Bird

Girl in the Moon.

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