ND12 – Laura Wulf

Today’s selected Crossing Territories artist is Laura Wulf. She has created stunning photograms that have to be seen in person to be realized as masterpieces.  Looking at them as a jpg intrigues me, but seeing them in person wows me. They are beautiful, clever, creative. Using chromogenic paper exposing bold color, then following up by scratching patterns into the print creates designs that magnify the simplicity, yet intricate attention to detail.

In Laura’s words –

Blending the primitive act of scratching with the modern technology of color photography and collaborating with chance, has allowed my curiosity to be open to, and moved by, the unknown and the previously unseen. The work explores mark-making, as well as the material’s potential for color, and each piece is unique. The resulting pieces refer to painting and drawing, and are part of an ontological dialogue across media.

Stop in to the gallery if you can to take a closer look at this beautiful work.

Untitled (19110732)

Untitled (03040715)

Untitled (25030706)

Untitled (01070612)

Untitled (01061005)

4 thoughts on “ND12 – Laura Wulf

  1. Laura, this work — well, it leaves me speechless. Any one word seems limited to describe what you are creating. I’m thinking now of its evolution as well as your own: as a thinker, as a mark maker, as an artist. You clearly have an exceptional gift. I’m thinking now of presence, of the ways you forge space. Your lines, your colors. Your wholeness. In loving friendship, Madge

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