ND12 – Colette Campbell Jones

Colette Campbell Jones has created a fairy tale world. This black and white film noir world, disconcerting yet not scary, intensely detailed, yet leaving no answers. Her work is a perfect fit for Crossing Territories. It was a treat to have Colette here at the gallery for the opening. Her work is smart and creative. Even how Ms. Campbell-Jones discusses the work, blending the digital and analog processes, creating a vision and story with a complex narrative full of intensity fusing content and concept.

The series, Stories from Underground are based on oral histories of the South Wales coalfields. Campbell-Jones’s process reflects how memory and reality converge, expand, diverge and take on physical as well as psychological constructions. In Collette’s words – My photographic choices reflect both metaphoric and literal meanings. I combine documents with manipulated digital imagery to construct linkages between contemporary stories and their universal counterparts existing in oral and visual story telling, archetype and myth.

Take a look at this beautiful complicated work.



Selections from Abyss#2 (Underground Mural)

“Left” In

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