ND12 – Harold Ross

Harold Ross, another one of our creative artists part of Crossing Territories, has crafted a mysterious world illuminated by hand and vibrant in rich color. The extraordinary time it takes to craft each image is evident in the sheer amount of detail he captures in each frame.

His series of Night landscapes caught Ms. Klomp Ching’s attention and his work is part of this years New Directions. It is Ross’s use of light that tells the story. He calls the technique “sculpting” and is excited by what appears when the image is finalized.

Working as a commercial and fine art photographer since 1989, Harold has used his distinctive technique to create a visual signature that has resonated for many commercial clients, as well as being recently highlighted in the New York Times and participating in Fresh, one of four photographers to showcase new perspectives in contemporary photography. Fresh was curated by the talented and esteemed curator W.M. Hunt.

Take a look.

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