ND12 – Photographer Hal

I first met Photographer Hal in Santa Fe at Review Santa Fe in 2010. Part of Center‘s tremendous programming for artists, RSF is an annual review that happens each June. It is an honor for me to be part of such a prestigious event. As many people know, I love looking at images, and this review had many great images for me to peruse and drool over. Hal’s was one of those groups of images.

I am thrilled to have Hal as one of the exhibiting artists of Crossing Territories.

From his series Flesh Love, his statement about the work.

“When you embrace your lover, sometimes you wish to melt right into them. To realize this, I have been photographing couples in small, or even cramped spaces, like motels and bathtubs….As the shooting continues over multiple takes, the pressure of the vacuum seal grows stronger.  At the same time, the two bodies start to communicate, and whether through unevenness of limbs or the curve of joints they begin to draw a shape of what they want to express. The two people draw closer until they transform into a single being.”

The series is unnerving, fascinating and ultimately beautiful. Take a look.

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