ND12 – Meggan Gould

Meggan Gould’s images showcased in Crossing Territories are where the next wave of creative photographic images are headed. I have been a fan of Meggan’s for some, I was thrilled when she was selected by Ms. Klomp Ching for inclusion in the exhibition. I fell in love with her Verso work, an examination of the backsides of found object photographic prints. You know the happy snaps we often hang onto for sentimental reasons, until we no longer look like ourselves, or remember the name of who is in the photograph. This was and is a clever reminder of looking at who we are from all sides, looking at the dichotomies of our personalities.

In Go Ogle, we see a new way to look at found object images. Her statement about the work –

“The images in the Go ogle series are composite images, mathematical averages of the first 100 images retrieved from a Google search engine query for a specific word or phrase. Each downloaded image relinquished its size, shape, and the clarity of its individual pixels in its merger with the other results from the query. The results, a visualization of intersections between Boolean logic and the popular imagination, are more often than not a hopeless jumble of unidentifiable pixels–but occasionally a recognizable form does emerge….”

Her images give us an opportunity to think differently about not only how we look at the overwhelming number of images, but speak to how we disseminate, process and really understand this big wide interweb.

Take a look.



Mona + Lisa

Black + Widow + Spider


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