Crossing Territories opens this week.

wall space is thrilled to announce the opening of our Sixth Annual New Directions exhibition. Juried from over 1000 images from 200 talented artists, 24 prints from 18 artists have landed on the walls of the gallery. This years exhibition, Crossing Territories, is curated by the talented gallerist Debra Klomp Ching of KlompChing Gallery in New York.

We are pleased to announce the following artists as part of Crossing Territories –

Tami Bone  |  Colette Campbell Jones |  Odette England  | Bryan David Griffith  |  Meggan Gould
Photographer Hal  |  Norihisa Hosaka  |  Heidi Kirkpatrick  |  William LeGoullon  | William Miller
Greer Muldowney  |  Danielle Dean Palmer  |  Brook Reynolds  |  Harold Ross
Cathrin Schulz  |  S. Gayle Stevens  |  Laura Wulf  |  Zelda Zinn

New Directions looks to find the newest ideas in contemporary photography and this years topic of visual discussion is the place where form and content fuse, intersect and enhance the ideas of photography.

As Ms. Klomp Ching talks about in her statement –

Considering the photograph as both image and physical artifact is of fundamental interest within this context. In selecting the photographs for this exhibition, I was particularly concerned with showcasing photographic artworks that demonstrate a marriage between the chosen subject and the manner in which they were either made or finally printed and presented.
In this exhibition we see examples of the ‘unique object’ in the work of Odette England, Laura Wulf and Heidi Kirkpatrick, a direct concern with photography’s essential components – whether that be light, chemicals or time for example, as evident in the work of Harold Ross, William Miller and Brook Reynolds. Meanwhile, we see a resurgent exploration of alternative processes in the work of Tami Bone, Daniel Dean Palmer, S. Gayle Stevens and contemporary contributions to photo montage in the work of Collette Campebell-Jones. Whilst Zelda Zinn and Norishisa Hosaka embrace digital technology to make images, artists such as Bryan David Griffith, remind us of the seemingly simplicity of the monocular view of the camera.  Art is not produced in isolation of the social/cultural times in which it is made, this is aptly demonstrated in the seemingly straightforward work of Photographer Hal, Greer Muldowney and Cathrin Shulz.
Together, the photographers in this exhibition demonstrate and impressive and imaginative use of  photography’s old and new tools to push photography to its very limits, whilst maintaining the integrity of the photograph itself.

Please join us Thursday night, January 5th from 6-8pm

for a reception for Ms. Klomp Ching and our selected artists.

images show –

top – Laura Wulf Untitled (01061005)

middle – Norishisa Hosaka DECAY of LIGHTS: Shinjuku FUSA’s

Meggan Gould  Mona Lisa

bottom – Heidi Kirkpatrick  Reveal


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