ND11 – Eddie Lanieri

One of the prizes awarded to a participant of New Directions 2011 was a spot at Center’s ReviewLA.

Eddie Lanieri’s Gizelle caught the attention of Laura Pressley at Center, located in Santa Fe. The image got her a ticket to the Review LA portfolio reviews. Calling her a raw talent, Eddie had the opportunity to talk to curators, gallery dealers and other artists during the 2 day event, refining and learning more about her work, as well as her craft.


I am looking forward to seeing what’s next for Eddie as well.


about Eddie –

Eddie Lanieri is a New Orleans based artist whose work explores the dichotomy of female gender identity in a post-feminist culture. By using photography as an attempt to document and further question the future of female identity in this continually shifting environment by documenting certain female archetypes in todays culture based on external sexual identifying markers, perceived notions of gender and female traditions. Her work is influenced by her upbringing in a traditional Italian family, and living in Italy. Traditional the Italian culture has a strong emphasis and rigid rules on what gender roles are, and what is expected of women and their behavior.




One thought on “ND11 – Eddie Lanieri

  1. This work is very evolved and well executed. This is the kind of thing that is usually done to death, but it’s really very compelling to look at, which I attribute to the light and the good use of the 6×7 format.

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