Evergreen – Collectible at wall space.

Evergreen, the creative collection from wall space gallery is available now.

This series, curated by Laina Malm-Levine, a new member of our team here in Santa Barbara, has found a way to discuss our love of branches, structure and the sense of groundedness we feel when in a forest of trees, our local parks, even our backyard.

Not content with a narrative about green, she looked for how we use this connection to our conifers, for shelter, decoration, contemplation and ultimately for strength to solidify a relationship to our surroundings. Complementing our exhibition in the gallery this month, Into The Light, we strive to balance our desire for a solid terra firma and a reach for the intangible source of  illumination, both spiritual and physical.

Inspired by a quote from David Paul Bayles, one of the eight artists included in Evergreen, Laina has culled together a group of artists whose love of the deciduous has follows that vision.

I have always been drawn to forests, especially what I think of as blue-collar forest. While I marvel at, and appreciate the magnificent specimens living in our national parks, they represent a very narrow view of our connection to trees. In a forest I see communities of beings, creating and collaborating in the rich cycle of living and dying.

We are excited to announce images available from the following artists, with prices starting at $200.

Bill Finger

Bill Finger - Beneath the Flowers

Jane Fulton Alt

Jane Fulton Alt - Burn No.26


Jens Haas

Jens Haas - Walk in the Park No.48


David Paul Bayles

David Paul Bayles - Pistol Butt Stump Tree


Laurie Lambrecht

Laurie Lambrecht - Lake Trees No. 6


David Ondrik

David Ondrik - Order No. 1


Gayle Stevens

S. Gayle Stevens - Goldenrod

S. Gayle Stevens - Goldenrod


Lex Thompson

Lex Thompson - Cordova Cinema

These images are available for purchase online or in the gallery for a limited time – This collection will no longer be available after January 31st. Each piece is a limited edition image in 2-3 sizes, at prices starting at $200.

For more information please contact the gallery

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