Shock Therapy

Sean Stewart

Shock Therapy

Shock Therapy

Evacuated Space No. 211

Evacuated Space No. 211

Artist Statement:

Since he was a child, Sean always had a keen interest in all forms of still media. At 6 he began taking apart the ‘hand-me-down’ cameras he were given to him to see if he could ‘change’ the way they worked. Unfortunately at this young age, he lacked the knowledge of film and physics to get the camera to do what he envisioned. Many rolls got exposed to light.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in 1993 with a special interest in physics and mathematics. He subsequently obtained a post-graduate degree in the health sciences field in 1997.

In 2006, he began diverting more of his time to art as a result of a life altering experience. On November 14, 2005, he was diagnosed with avascular necrosis of both hips, an unfortunate side effect from a prescription medication. Unable to walk significant distances for a period of four years, Sean used this period of confinement to take a different direction, expressing his thoughts through photography and painting. Five surgeries later, he is beginning to walk unaided with a different view of the world.

Sean applies his mathematical background to his photography and paintings to create ‘organized randomness’ in his work.

Today, he is still taking apart old cameras to try to realize the vision of that 6 year old boy. Currently he is exploring x-ray photography using expired medical film and intensifying screens. All of his digital work can be printed on a variety of substrates.

With “Shock Therapy” and “Evacuated Space” I wanted to stimulate thought and discussion on how we view objects. I feel there is much more to something than just the visible exterior surface we are accustomed to. Photon and x-ray exposure helps bring the viewer into a different world inside these fascinating shapes and forms.

Low Tech showed at the Center for Fine Art Photography during the month of October.

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