Desert Bird Las Vegas, 2001-2

Kathleen Nathan

Desert Bird Las Vegas, 2001-2

Desert Bird Las Vegas, 2001-2

Artist Statement:

Some of my earliest childhood memories are associated with flowers; small pots of African violets lining a sunny window sill in my Grandmother’s kitchen, tight green round buds that burst into huge puffs of pink peonies, yellow forsythia forced to bloom inside as a March blizzard roared outside, the sweet smell of violets carpeting the woods in spring, Queen Anne’s Lace waving along the roadside in late summer, clusters of sweet peas tumbling over a forgotten fence.

The images in this series are some of the results of my photographic investigations into the botanical realm. These photograms are made directly from plants and insects, found in the garden. In the darkroom, I arrange my gatherings on a glass negative holder place it in the enlarger and make an exposure onto photographic paper. Each time I project an arrangement of petals, stalks, stems or wings, I am marveled by the reversed and revealing results. Simple yet complex these images make visible what is invisible to the human eye; presenting beauty chaos and order of nature.

Low Tech will be showing at the Center for Fine Art Photography through the month of October.

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