An Exercise in Patience

Austin Fassino

Austin Fassino

An Exercise in Patience

An Exercise in Patience

Artist Statement:

An Exercise in Patience, I think the title says it all. I started this project with a simple idea: to make a camera that would give me countless headaches, be nearly impossible to transport, be far more expensive than I originally anticipated, and make me wonder why I had even built a camera this big in the first place. Okay not really but if I had built it for those reasons the piece probably wouldn’t have the title that it does. Nothing that went into making the final image came easily or without setbacks. From numerous problems with aperture size, to a disastrous attempt with a single negative and a full bottle of liquid light, this piece quickly became less and less about the final image and more focused on the processes I was using to try and get a giant box to take pictures.

This photo was taken at Old Mill Park in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. Exposure time was 28 minutes. Special thanks to White House Custom Color for the awesome prints and to Kelley Frame & Fine Art Gallery in Hudson, Wisconsin for trimming them all down to size.

Low Tech will be showing at the Center for Fine Art Photography through the month of October.

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