Michael Cardinali

Michael Cardinali



Artist Statement:

The relationship with my longtime girlfriend Pia is a source of nourishment for what I make and who I am. Photography, for me, is a way to keep the things close at heart close also at hand. For years I’ve worked with a large-format camera and the contact printing process. Its sharpness and clarity have always felt like a very direct translation from the seen subject to the resulting object. The 20 x 24 Polaroid amplifies these qualities, by producing a one-off photograph from a very large camera with no enlargement. In 2007 I had the opportunity to use one of these Polaroid cameras—there are only six in the world. It was a session where our relationship bore witness to the magic of photography, the risk of creating something unique in an instant and our response to each other and to that moment.

Low Tech will be showing at the Center for Fine Art Photography through the month of October.

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