Lumen Print #3

Katy Baker

Lumen Print #3

Lumen Print #3

Lumen Print #2

Lumen Print #2

Artist Statement:

In a world where everyone can be a photographer, producing photographic images without the use of a camera is nearly unheard of. As I began working with the lumen print process, the original intrigue came from working in such an organic fashion. Being a horticulture enthusiast, it only felt right to bring both of my passions together into one tangible product, a lumen print.

The process of creating a lumen print combines photosensitive materials and a variety of plant life. As this body of work is somewhat of a study, I pay close attention to how each plant responds to different exposure times in relation to the next. This is determined not only by the thickness of the plant, but also the amount of moisture within the plant itself. From these two plant characteristics, I base my composition, resulting in a unique print which cannot be reproduced.
While working with this process, questions arise about the images are in a variety of forms such as: what cameras are used? What toning chemicals were applied? Are the plants photographed while floating in water? The preconceived notion of photographic images being made without cameras confuses most. With this confusion, I hope to expand the viewer’s conception of photography beyond the use of lenses and cameras, and towards a self contemplation of form and texture within a frame.

Low Tech will be showing at the Center for Fine Art Photography through the month of October.

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