Down + Out | Andrew Binkley – Best of Show

Andrew Binkley, from the lovely Hawaiian Islands, is part of our New Directions 2010, Down + Out show, and our Best of Show choice by our juror Dr. Carol McCusker. His series Crossings has an arresting quality to it, making the viewer stop, pause and really delve into the facets, like a diamond, of all of the intricacies in the exposures. The bold color on the neutral background helps to define the organized chaos in a vibrant form.

As the Best of Show winner, Andrew has been awarded a gift certificate from Blurb Books to self publish his work. Congratulations Andrew and a huge Thank You to Blurb for supporting Wall space and New Directions.

His series Crossings is working within the themes of intersection, of sharing paths, transforming or changing relationships, and the unknown connections between people through time. Here are more images from his series.

In looking deeper at his work, I loved his black and white series, Just Being. These beautiful black and white constructions have balance, symmetry, and a certain quietness that is respectful of the subject, meditation.
Here are some images from that series –

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