Lishui Photo – Mary Parisi

Mary Parisi left for China today.

Her work, looking at food is based on the artistic, rather than culinary, allowing us to create an emotional connection of our own to foods so personal to her.

more about Food Pictures –
This body of work is about food. All the pictures resulted from foods, which I cooked and ate. Some of the food, like the chicken soup pictures are reminders of my childhood and my father who made chicken soup every other Monday for many years.
To some extent the pictures are related to my history as a sculptor because I think of food as material for art. I am indebted to the artist Joseph Bueys and his use of fat for its physical properties and metaphorical value.
I have to admit that while I am not a vegetarian, I live with a reluctance to take as food other animals, who like us have blood in their veins. I have no answer for this dilemma. I can only acknowledge the conflict and try to say, it is a chicken or a pig or the fat rendered from the pig’s body and it is delicious and beautiful and horrible.

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