Lishui Photo – Steven Strom

Steve Strom has had some great success this year, between shows, his new book, and now a trip to showcase his beautiful work in China. His day job as an astronomer keeps him a visionary, finding needles in haystacks, looking at broad perspectives to find the tiniest fragment of being. HIs work takes on the stunning desert landscape, finding life and patterns in the empty space most pass over as desolate and void. His work will be a colorful open discussion of landscape and abstraction. I am looking forward to having a bit of the desert with me in China.

here is more on his series –

Images in the portfolio, Earth Forms attempt to capture what is nearly beyond the camera’s grasp: a desert land

shaped by millennial forces and yesterday’s cloudburst into undulations of color and form – its history reimagined in light that at once penetrates and sculpts.

For the poet Joy Harjo, “the(se) photographs are not separate from the land or larger than it. Rather, they

gracefully and respectfully exist inside it. Breathe with it. The camera is used to see with a circular viewpoint which becomes apparent even though the borders of the images remain rectangular. The land in these photographs is a beautiful force, in the way the Navajo mean the word beautiful, an all-encompassing word, like those for land and sky, that has to do with living well, dreaming well, in a way that is complementary to all life.”

I bring to this landscape the sensibilities of an astronomer who has lived in the desert for almost 20 years, and in whom the desert has lived for more than 30. My tools are simple: a 35mm SLR or 4×5 view camera, and long focal length lenses whose power to compress vast desert spaces can create an illusion of intimacy, of comprehension: inviting viewers to look deeply into what light and earth together form.

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