Lishui Photo – Natalie Young

I love my job.
Going to a portfolio review is like taking me to a candy store. Natalie Young sat at my table for 20 minutes, and it was like giving me a box of dark chocolate truffles. Her luscious, warm, tea stained images show the beauty of her family’s farm with a sense of place, a history, and all the stories to tell. An American journey we all can be a part of.
She is part of the Lishui Photo Festival and I couldn’t be happier to showcase her images. We were lucky enough to work with Natalie last year as part of our inaugural collectible showcase.

Here is more information about her beautiful series, The Farm.

“My photographs frequently explore the connection of the past to the present, and the relationship of people to their environment. Personal identity and cultural history are often attached to a sense of place, and this can have a strong influence over the texture and stories of our life. I am very interested in the experience of family and cultural history … the need for a story that ties us to a larger meaning, and the extent to which we either inherit larger stories or attempt to create newer ones.

‘The Farm’ series was photographed in Kansas over the past decade, on the farm of my husband’s grandparents. The land has been in the family for many generations and much of his family’s roots, identity, and stories are tied to this particular plot of earth. This project is about place and history, about memory and story. It’s about the things that tie us together, and the things that bring us back.”

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