Lishui Photo – Douglas Ethridge

Doug Ethridge is a prolific artist, every series is unique, beautiful and creative. He is constantly searching for new views, new ideas and ways of looking at the world. His black + white series, Solitary Voyagers, is one of my all time favorites, graphic, moody and Hitchcock-like in its shadowy qualities. Metropolis shows off his dry wit and sense of humor, Primordial Seas is a symphony of color.
His newest series,
Selective Memories, will be showing in Lishui. This newest series, done in palladium, has a romantic, dreamlike quality to images. Taken along beaches on the West coast, and being a beach girl myself, growing up in Southern California, these images remind me of days spent surfing, finding rocks and hanging out with my friends. The images have that feeling of the West, the openness of the sky, the feel of the sand between my toes, and that cold Pacific lapping at my feet.

About Selective Memories

Our memories are often vague, imperfect and frequently embellished. Images, songs and smells trigger a flood of memories that are unique to each person. As a child, my family would often go on camping trips, usually to the forest or the ocean. My father enjoyed being on the road, seeing what there was to see – from him, I learned that every bend in the road had potential, every change of scenery could be interesting, every stop along the way was worthy of at least a moment’s notice. This series, like my childhood memories, is about fragments, details glimpsed along the way, about the journey, not the destination

His work is available at Verve in Santa Fe, through Kevin Longino, and at Gallerie BMG in Woodstock, New York.

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